The Children’s Book Council

The Children’s Book Council (CBC) is a non-governmental organization created in 1962. CBC carries out its cultural and research activities in the field of children’s literature on a not-for-profit basis relying solely on voluntary contributions of time and labor. It joined the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) in 1964 and represents the Iranian National Section.


• To support the growth of a national literature for children
• To foster the growth of literary and information resources both in quality and quantity
• To explore ways for the better distribution of books
• To encourage Iranian production of quality works for children
• To raise the level of awareness about children’s literature in society
• To enter into discourse with different social groups
• To create national models in reference works, libraries and reading culture
• To keep in touch with international trends and institutions.


Children's Book Council of Iran In 1962, 37 men and women made up of professionals, scholars, writers, artists and teachers met to lay the foundation of CBC. The organization was officially registered in 1968. CBC is administered by a ten-member elected Executive Committee; its principle officers are Secretary General, Deputy and Treasurer.
Since its establishment, CBC has tried to build an extensive network of relationships with both government and non-government sectors. A number of active NGOs such as the Association for the Defense of the Rights of Children, Pooya Research Association, Donya Institute for Research on Children, MAM Modern Mother’s Attitude, CCDC Cultural Centre for the Development of Children, the Institute for Research on Children’s Literature in Iran, the Association for the Popularization of Science were founded by CBC members and are actively involved in a wide range of cultural activities.

CBC is active in introducing and promoting Iranian children’s literature in other countries. It enjoys close ties with IBBY as the Iranian National Section; it has contacts with both BIB and IYL; it implements projects with UNICEF and UNHCR.
Almost all of its activities are carried out on a voluntary basis. Funding is through membership fees, sale of publications, donation and royalties. CBC has more than 700 individual members.All Adults interested in children’s literature can apply for membership.

CBC is made up of three main sections: Each of the three sections has its own independent Planning and Executive Council which oversees the work of committees, groups and units according to the CBC Organization Chart.