Children and Young Adults Literature

Until 2008 all CBC activities were centrally administered by the Executive Committee. After the ratification of the new administrative chart, Planning and Executive Councils assumed responsibility in each section to avoid centralism and to assure more extensive member participation. The oldest part of CBC continued to function as Planning and Executive Council for Children’s Literature is made up of representatives of eight committees and supervises all related activities.

Committees include:

Evaluation, Research and Criticism

This Committee is responsible for the ongoing work of the Twelve CBC Evaluation Groups (EG), and all other long term planning. EG’s main responsibility is to evaluate the annual national production of children’s books, to prepare the descriptive – critical bibliography, the state of the art in children’s literature and recommend works to the Awards Committee. More than 120 members participate in this activity.

Research Library

The library was established in 1974. It holds a collection of books (more than 35000 volumes), periodicals, documents, dissertations and AV and electronic materials. The collection also houses the Hans Christian Andersen Award books donated by Iranian Jury members and HCA President. The RL supports all CBC activities, is extensively used by students and researchers from various universities, holds exhibitions and administers projects aiming to create different models of libraries in deprived areas and communities.

Education and Promotion

The Committee is engaged in educative and social activities, particularly important are the annual workshops on “Introduction to children’s literature”. This 9 months program started in 1986 attracts many participants, many of whom eventually join the EG or other CBC activities. The promotion group is responsible for all outside programs, in schools or other cultural centers, carrying a variety of activities to promote reading among children and families.

National and International Awards

This Committee studies recommendations and initiates suggestion for the CBC Plaque, Honor Diplomas, and Recognitions within the country. It finalizes all nominations, including the Hans Christian Andersen Award, IBBY Honor List, the Astrid Lindgren/ALMA Award, and all other nomination activities related to CBC.

Children With Special Needs

The Committee studies, creates models, carries out field work and holds workshops to better understand the role of books, libraries and librarians for children with special needs, including the socially and emotionally deprived, children with various physical or mental impairments, hospitalized children, and children in crisis. The Committee is a regular contributor to the IBBY Outstanding Books for Disabled Children. .

Publications and the Site

It disseminates and initiates all paper and electronic publications including various sources of information, bibliographies, newsletter, educative and promotional materials, book marks, calendars, posters, CDs and DVD’s films, etc.

International Relations

The Committee’s main mission is to collaborate with IBBY as one of its National Sections ( . It also carries out international work through other organizations and agencies, such as BIB, IYL, Unicef and Unhcr.

Games and recreation

This Committee is involved in carrying out research, doing field work, and holding workshops in the areas of traditional and modern games and recreation as related to language and children’s literature.